Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Aug 2016

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Aug 2016

Meet Matt Schmidt. He's the curator of exploriosity. He is a writer, speaker, and pastor, with deep ties to the Reformed Church in America (RCA) and the Presbyterian Church USA, as well as lots of non-denominational churches, Catholic friends, mystic acquaintances, baptist sisters and brothers, and open-minded, respectful interfaith conversationalists. Matt lives in Michigan. 

A Brief History of Exploriosity

It's a modern thing to have a pastor serve a church, a denomination, an exclusive, local partner.  Exploriosity was invented to serve any church or person anywhere.  We practice curious theology and we hope that words really do create new worlds for us to dwell within.  

Matt Schmidt studied biology and english at Hope College, finds spiritual identity in fresh outside air, green forests, small farms and Lake Michigan.  Matt has worked for progressive organizations like Greenpeace and conservative institutions like Christian Schools International.  He received an M-Div from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI, and currently serves as a pastor on staff at St. Paul's United Church of Christ (UCC) in Grand Haven, MI.    

The purpose of exploriosity is simple: to explore Christian faith and spirituality through the wonderful lens of curiosity, to lean deeper into questions, to converse with all people, to listen better, and to learn and grow together.